Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Consultants

What we do and how we can help

We are experts in planning and installing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. We are also experts in migrating out-of-date versions of Exchange Server into 2003. Finally, we know precisely how to keep an Exchange 2003 instance fast and secure. If you are thinking of installing Exchange to replace an existing non-Microsoft e-mail server, then please call us and we can advise you. It may well be possible to migrate from your existing software into Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. If you have an Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2000 environment, xclaim! projects limited can migrate your entire mail store across into Exchange 2003 with almost zero downtime.

What is Microsoft Exchange Server 2003?

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is the premier Groupware product, and is so much more than just another e-mail server. Used with Outlook 2003 it offers shared calendars, so that you can book colleagues in to meetings, check their diaries and their availability for that all-important client pitch. Public folders allow you to share project documents amongst team members, removing the need to e-mail documents around and having several conflicting copies in use. Outlook 2003 also allows you to have a local copy of your Inbox, ideal for mobile employees out on the road with their laptop.

Remote Access to your Messages, Contacts and Calendar

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 also ships with Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2003, which is a feature-rich web client, giving nearly all of the functionality of the Outlook desktop client. Outlook Web Access 2003 allows you to access your e-mail, calendars, contacts and public folders. Employees can be at their desk wherever they are in the world, at the airport or even on the plane.

Windows Mobile 5.0 - Beyond Blackberry

Microsoft have been a little slow coming to market with their competitor to Blackberry. For the uninitiated, a Blackberry is a device that allows you to receive e-mail on the move. The hardware is a cross between a personal digital assistant and a mobile phone. The Blackberry server software sits on separate hardware and mediates between the Exchange Server and your device.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 now supports the Messaging and Security Feature Pack 2.0 (MSFP 2.0), and the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 devices support full push e-mail" functionality on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. This really is great technology, the ability to receive your e-mail the moment it arrives on the server is fantastic. Your Outlook calendar, contacts and tasks are also synchronised automatically, "over the air", via GPRS. It's not like the old days where you had to plug your PDA into a cradle and manually synchronise. Now you know that your phone is 100 percent up to date.

Exchange with your Windows networking environment

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 runs on Windows 2003 server, and uses Active Directory as a central repository for all account information whilst keeping e-mail in a Single Instance Store. This means that, if you send a 10Mb email to a hundred people on the same Exchange Server, rather than taking up 1000Mb of disk storage, it only takes up 10Mb of space. This is especially valuable when backing up your e-mail (you do backup don't you?), conserving expensive tape cartridges, and reducing the time taken to recover data if necessary.