Backup is not worth leaving to chance

Sixty percent of businesses would fail if their data was lost - A sobering thought

Do you have a backup strategy for your data? Would your business be able to survive if somebody were to climb through your window and steal your computers? What if your office were to catch fire? If the answer to any of these is "No" then you need to hear about backup from experts.

Backup should be very simple - copy your important files somewhere else and keep them safe. In reality, it's a lot more complex. The technology you choose, the strategy and frequency that you adopt and even the backup media you use are all essential to ensuring that you can get back up and running.

xclaim! will lead you through the backup minefield, devise a plan, advise you on hardware, software and set it all up for you. Our consultants have dealt with the backup needs of some of the biggest publishing companies, where an entire issue has been lost just before the deadline and then retrieved.